A teenager’s words

Mrs. Holland, writer

Teenagers are some of the most optimistic people whom adults encounter.

More often than not, movies and television shows portray teens as idle, selfish, and destructive, but like many other Hollywood portrayals of people, this depiction is inaccurate.

Last month I asked my tenth graders if they believed that one person could make a difference.

We had just finished reading a German citizen’s recollection of taking Hitler’s oath of fidelity and later regretting it. He said that his resistance to the oath would have meant that thousands of others were also able to resist.

In response to my question, nearly all students stood to say that yes – they believe one person can make a difference.

We are obligated to believe that one person can make a difference.

Like all of us, teenagers are victims of the society in which they live. But if you get the chance, talk to one, and be blessed.

I was sitting in CA’s Conference Room last week when I saw these sticky notes on the wall. Obviously a student posted them there, with a message:

Jesus Loves U. Like – A LOT.