Little Happy Life: Be Outside

Ben Mixon, writer

For those of you looking to slightly alter your lifestyle in a positive way, here is a weekly series meant to do just that. These are small things anyone can do that can possibly make life more enjoyable without having to go to extremes. Of course, they won’t meet everyone’s needs, but it’s totally worth a shot.

Be Outside

Warmth has emerged from the winter like a newborn baby, and good feelings with it. Today is as good a day as any to sit outside on your front porch steps, and I urge you to do so without any of the normal distractions at hand. Leave your phone inside, leave your homework. Simply go, and be outside. It’ll feel good. Let’s admit it, that was quite a long winter. Now is the time to take advantage of the pleasant weather before the blistering hot takes the other extreme and beats us into the dust. Be outside.