Some American warmth in a frigid Winter

Mrs. Holland, writer

Rarely do I watch the Grammys, the Oscars, or any other awards show. But, on January 25, the flamboyant costumes, flawless faces, and regal poses of the eighty-eight Miss Universe contestants lured me in, and not only did I tune in for some of the show, but I stayed up until 11:00 and watched the entire production.

I was committed. And my husband too –because of one contestant.

We cheered for the Best Costume finalists, we critiqued the predictable, coached responses to the judges’ questions, and we ogled over the evening gowns – of which Miss Jamaica wore best.

Throughout the competition, Miss Jamaica prevailed as unique, comfortable, and confident. As far as pageant decorum is concerned, she was a smidgen inelegant, but I liked that. I mentioned to my husband that I’d be surprised if she won – only because she didn’t fit the mold. But when she was listed to be in the final five, I thought she had a chance! So we fought sleepy eyes to witness the crisp Jamaican win.

When Miss Colombia was announced as the winner, my husband and I simultaneously shared a look that said “Really? Who even is she? Just another face in the crowd. Do you even remember what she said or wore tonight?”

Miss Jamaica didn’t fit the mold. But she fit America’s mold. The boos were unbridled as Miss Jamaica was the first runner-up to be whisked off of the stage. America knew she should have won.

As a result of my satisfaction in America’s response to Jamaica’s loss, I began to forget about my disgust at Colombia’s win and became enamored with the fact that – contrary to daily headlines – good things do still happen in America. As I relished this realization, my eyes were opened to other positive incidents in the news.

  • Target stores are closing in Canada. Fewer than two years ago, Target expanded to Canada, and now all 133 stores around the country are closing. Target is the epitome of an American store, and I’m proud of Canadians for turning away from a shoddy interloper.
  • Eighty-eight-year-old Harper Lee is publishing a novel. Brilliance is uninhibited by age.
  • Old-Fashioned, a movie depicting a couple who “attempt the impossible: an ‘old-fashioned’ and God-honoring courtship in contemporary America’” will air in theatres (
  • But most of all, if we get snow this Winter, Lowe’s is prepared.

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