Eagles Roll to First Win against Polk County

The Collegedale Academy golf team recorded the first win of the season with a score of 175 to 184 on August 7 against the Polk County Wildcats at the Chatta Valley Golf Course.  Technically, this was the Eagles’ second match; however, the first match, against Silverdale Baptist, was cut short due to rain while the Eagles were ahead.
In the Eagles’ league a match is played with two opposing teams comprised of six people.  The four best scores of the team are added up, and whoever has the lower score wins.  Junior Thomas Hayes shot a 40 with bogeys on hole 8 and 9.  This was the lowest score for the Eagles – the person with the lowest score is called the “medalist.”  Senior Hunter Gascay also had a nice round with a triple bogey, but was 2 over through six holes.
Eagles’ Coach Matt Nafie says, “It was a good win for us, they have a good team . . . We have a good mix of team members.  We got a couple young guys that are learning the game.  We’ve got a freshman who will play (against Silverdale on the 13), Carter Miller, and then we’ve got a bunch of juniors.  Of course Hunter Gascay; it’s nice to have him back as a senior.  So if we really work at it we’ve got a chance to not only make nice improvements this year, but be good next year.”  He also said he feels the team is going to be able to shoot in the 160s this year, and that is his goal.
In all the golf team will play 12 matches, with two tri matches included. The season will last through August until September 16 when the District Golf Tournament is held.  There are matches upcoming on the 19th and 22nd.