Summer Spot: Coolidge Park

The biggest park in Chattanooga is located on the North Shore of town and is a popular place for people to socialize on weekends and hot summer days.

The park is named after Charles Coolidge who received the military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor. He received this for his acts in WWII taking control of his Battalion when there was no other officer present; he led them in fighting and kept encouraging them. The French also honored him with the Légion d’honneur medal.

The park itself sits on the Tennessee River. As one looks across the river, all of downtown is visible including the Aquarium and the Walnut Street Bridge.

The grass is green in the summer and is watered heavily so it is soft. There is plenty of space to walk, run, and play sports.

There is a fountain with animals that spit water out of their mouths and a big geyser in the middle that shoots water straight up. It is a nice free way to cool down on a hot summer day. The fountain is turned off during the winter.

Another main attraction within the park is the 100+ year old antique carousel that little ones to adults can enjoy riding on their favorite animal. There is also a large pavilion that can be rented out from the city for events such as birthdays and wedding receptions.