Only 10% of Hamilton County Voters Participate in Elections

County elections have been quite vocal this year. Whether it’s been through planting signs in private yards or standing outside a populated intersection hailing signs of persuasion, the competition has been fierce for positions of leadership in Hamilton County.

Despite the candidates’ efforts, however, there has been a severe lack of interest in eligible voters.

Although the vote count is unofficial, it appears that only around 10% of the 219,708 registered voters in Hamilton County cast votes in the 2014 primary election on Tuesday.

If the math is done, that means some Hamilton County candidates were elected by only a few dozen votes.

15 races were run unopposed. This displays the excessive apathy of the people in this area when it comes to politics.

Chattanooga Times Free Press brings us the results of the elections.

“Randy Fairbanks ousted fellow Republican Skillern by just 51 votes for the District 1 commission seat. Democrat Ezra Maize edged Democrat Don Brown by 35 votes. Maize, who received only 238 votes will face Republican Sabrena Turner [she got 1,966 votes] for the District 7 seat in August. And District 8 incumbent Republican Commissioner Tim Boyd bested his nearest challenger, former commissioner Curtis Adams, by just 209 votes. Boyd faces Democrat Kenny Smith in August.”