Teachers share study tips for their finals

Finals are just around the corner, and as they creep to the forefront of our thoughts we are reminded of all the studying yet to be done.

“You can only endure finals week,” says junior Nolan Vail. Thankfully our teachers are on our side, with our best interest in mind.

The most common advice is to start studying now. “Don’t procrastinate!” says English and French teacher Ms. Macias, “Rather than cram for three hours the night before, start now and study fifteen minutes every day. Studies show you’ll learn more, faster that way.” Mrs. Macias recommends that her French students find a study buddy and forgo procrastination.

The second most common advice is to get plenty of sleep, and to refrain from consuming sugary foods and drink. In the words of Mr. Heilman, “Stay healthy! Don’t eat the junk food, and get more than adequate sleep.” Mr. Heilman also warns his classes to study his review sheet posted online, as that is the best option for them.

English teachers remind their students to be doing their Membean. “Do Membean every day!” says Ms. Macias.

Ms. Ross advises her students to study their notes, but especially their handouts, as those are vital.

“Start prepping and get organized at least a week in advance,” says junior English teacher Mrs. Holland.

In the Foreign Language department, Mrs. Marquez urges her Spanish students to study their word-wall words, to make flash cards of them, and to quiz each other on them. Mrs. Marquez recommends reviewing the games as well.

“Set aside a little bit a night to study and you’ll be fine. If you’re faithful in doing that, you have nothing to worry about,” says Mrs. Marquez.

Mr. Pennell suggests setting aside specific time to study for each class. Specifically for his classes, he requests that students spend quality time with their review sheets so they may know the material well.

Teacher of geography and world history, Mr. Graves, tells his geography students to memorize all the countries of the world.

“If you’ve been working hard all semester you should be fine,” says Mr. Graves. He advises his world history students to make sure they are familiar with all aspects of the study guide.
Most importantly though, for all of finals week and the rest of our lives, Mr. Graves wishes to remind us that “Hard work is the key to success in every aspect of life.”