Juniors advise sophomores on whether or not to take U.S. History as a summer course


As this semester comes to a close and future schedules are being prepared, sophomores are trying to decide whether to take U.S. History during the summer or as a course next school year.

When asked if she would advise next year’s juniors to take U.S. history during the summer, current junior Gabby Fowler, who opted to do the summer course, said, “Yes, I would because it gives you a free class senior year. It’s a pretty intense course but in a nice environment.”

“Yes,” says fellow junior Geoffrey Lopes in response to the same question. “Because it allows you to get one class over with. You are doing a lot of work in a short time, but there aren’t any other classes to worry about.”

Senior Andrew Verrill adds, “Knowing how to take a test over each chapter per day will help you with a future classes.”

Upperclassmen who didn’t take US history in the summer were asked if they wished they had taken U.S. History in the summer, and here’s how they responded.

“No,” says junior Kevin McElroy, “Because I love to have my summers free, and I usually work full time.”

Suzie Lee, a senior, says, “No, but it’s great if you have time and the willingness to spend your summer studying.”