Challenge Accepted!

We do many things in our daily lives that can seem boring and routine. Here are a few ideas you can use to switch it up or just to learn as a new habit! After all, it’s the little things that matter, right?

• Brush your teeth with the opposite hand
• Take off your shoes without untying them
• Unscrew a drink with the opposite hand
• Take the long way home (scenic route)
• Go tell a previous teacher of yours hello
• Send a thank you to someone who recently did something for you
• Help set up with potluck this Sabbath
• Stretch before and after you get out of bed
• Apologize to someone you think you have hurt
• Wear a hat tomorrow! It’s spring!
• Look up the lyrics to a song you really like
• Make dinner for your family
• Wear a watch
• Don’t wear a watch
• Talk to someone at school you don’t know
• Draw a picture even though you can’t draw, just for a laugh
• Smile at someone until they laugh
• Talk while someone is talking until they notice
• Talk after they notice
• Go a day without eating fast food
• Try fast food for the first time

The list is endless. Have fun shaking up your day!