Top Ten Summer Activities

Summer is right around the corner, and here is a list of ways to kick up your heels in the sun or make a splash in the waves.
1. Travel by subway or train
• If you’re going to a big city, this is an experience you can’t miss. Being pressed up against a complete stranger is very eye-opening.
2. Try parasailing
• This is not something for those of you who have height issues, but it is defiantly an exhilarating experience.
2. Learn how to make ice cream
• You can always go to an ice cream shop; however, learning to perfect your own blends would be a better experience.
3. Host a garage sale
• It’s actually fun to go through some old stuff and remember things from the past. It’s also fun to fill your wallet.
4. Complete a charity walk
• A day of exercise and a selfless heart awaits the finish line.
5. Create your own slip and slide .
• Water parks are fun, trashy ones you made with your friends for free are even better
6. Do some community service
• Like the charity walk, doing something for others is a good way to fill your extra time
7. Camp out in your backyard and watch the starts
• It’s amazing how beautiful nature is and how close to home you can be to enjoy it
8. Go to a theme park with your friends for a day
• Spending an entire day screaming your head off with your best friends is defiantly an unforgettable experience.
9. Go fishing
• Learn how to be patient, because it’s a needed skill and you can enjoy nature while doing it