The Coachella Obsession

Over the last couple of years, “Coachella” has become a huge attraction to young music enthusiasts across America and across the media. Located in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert, this music festival takes place annually over two weekends and features all the biggest names in all genres of music, and is attended by many popular celebrities.

Teens are glorifying this festival to the point of ridiculousness. Various memes are floating around the web that read “I’d rather be at Coachella.” Are kids overhyping this event and making it too much of a pop fashion trend?

A large portion of American teenagers label Coachella as the return of the 70’s, with a style of its own featuring flowery dresses and large sunglasses. But how can kids glorify and long for a lifestyle they have never experienced?

Young people who are passionate about music and art but live across the country from Coachella need to consider other outlets in the area. There are at least ten music festivals taking place this summer in Atlanta, GA alone, including Shaky Knees and Counter Point, featuring huge artists of all genres. Manchester, TN hosts one of the biggest festivals in the country, Bonnaroo, this June. Teenagers know what they want, but they aren’t being properly informed about the abundance of music festival opportunity nearby.

If YOU are disappointed that Coachella is out of the question and really want to have fun expressing yourself while seeing some of your favorite artists live, all you have to do is google music festivals near your area and watch the options pile up. Remind yourself that Coachella isn’t the only option have a loads of fun with other music fans similar to yourself.