Students and Parents Ponder Tuition Increase


After rumors circulating and questions being asked, many students and parents wonder, “will school tuition be going up once again this year?” CA’s Director of Finances, J.C. Urban, has the answer.

As the American economy declines, the prices of goods and services inflate according to the demand and availability to the consumer. The Greater Collegedale School System is not immune to this condition. With this natural effect on the economy, an increase in tuition has transpired for the 2014-2015 school year.

“Increase in tuition is natural; it has happened every year for the last 30 years at about a 4% increase per year,” Urban said.

Constituents will see an increase of 2.95%, or 22$ per month for tuition. Non-constituents will see a tuition increase of 2.96%, or 28$ per month.