Students and Faculty Theorize about Missing Malaysian Airplane

Even with recent revelations about the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner, the details of its disappearance are still quite vague. Students and teachers alike have their own crazy theories about the plane’s ultimate fate.

Junior Jesse Darwin presents a radical theory about extraterrestrials, “I believe that aliens exist and are surveying our planet and they took this flight to test on a multitude of humans. All signs point to this inevitable fact. May God have mercy on our souls.”

Freshman Ken Norton takes a more logical approach and says, “I think it crashed. I think it flew a while after they lost signal, but it eventually went down into the ocean.”

Our SA president, Andrew Suekert, took a more pop-culture perspective and said, “I think the missing plane was split in half by a super conductive magnetic field and pulled into an island, an island which is constantly teleporting around the world.” Let’s just hope any survivors don’t get attacked by a smoke monster.

Junior Nolan Vail believes that the truth is being hid from the publics and says, “I think it’s all a conspiracy, they’re covering it all up.”

Finally, Mr. Graves offers a few contemplations “I think it’s still up there somewhere, sucked up into the atmosphere. Or maybe it’s on Gilligan’s Island

Mysteries that even science can hardly explain will always be followed by interesting speculations. Hopefully time will tell exactly what happened to the plane.