Eric’s Local Travel Guide: Point Park


Eric Marquez

Daytime view from point park looking out over Chattanooga

To enjoy one of Chattanooga’s most beautiful views, drive over to Point Park on Lookout Mountain. As it is a National War Memorial, to get in for the entire day, there is a small charge of $3.

Once there, you can look at the old canons, explore the old bunker which is now a museum,

and even hang up a hammock on a beautiful afternoon and soak in the

scene. The view is second to none; from the highest mountain in the metro ‘Nooga area, visitors can see all of downtown Chattanooga from Point Park’s heights.

“It looks like the kind of view you’d get out of a helicopter” said Jesse Coulter, a senior. Also, if

you don’t tell anyone, and go to the park after dark; the view is

spectacular with all of the city lights glistening.