SA to Auction Off Students and Lunches During “Basket Boys” Event


“Basket Boys” is an event held in the chapel where men of any grade are able to present themselves before the women of CA. Girls bid real money on a boy of their choice. The highest bidding girl for each of the boys receives a lunch date featuring a homemade meal with the man they choose.

For the first time since the 2010-2011 school year, “Basket Boy” will be held during chapel sometime after spring break.

Senior and Student Association president Andrew Suekert gives the details, “We don’t have a set date, but it will be happening sometime after spring break. The purpose is to raise money for a future event we may be holding, or to generally just fund the student association.”

“Because I ‘bought’ Jordan Evans my freshman year, I could see myself participating in this again,” says senior Savannah Moore. “It was really fun, actually; I got to know a senior, and he was really nice to me for the rest of the school year.”

To many freshmen girls, bidding for a lunch date in front of the student body may seem intimidating. But Savannah says, “I would totally encourage freshmen girls to try, as shy as they might be, because it’s an opportunity to connect with seniors that they would otherwise never interact with.”

Seniors Justin Moore and Ryan Moore will be participating as a two-man package. To those unsure about bidding, Justin says, “Take a chance. It’ll be fun.”

Ryan adds, “Everyone loves chocolate. We’re like a Reese’s Cup.”