Snow days, fast learning

academicslogoStudents and teachers alike have rushed to recuperate from school cancelations in the third quarter of Collegedale Academy’s school year. The multiple days spent at home playing in the snow and praying for another day off took a serious toll on the curriculum; moreover, it has created within students a greater feeling of pressure to complete assignments and to meet academic standards. In fact, CA has been drawing nearer to adding days onto the school year to save lost time.


With these unusual winter cancellations, the question can be raised: Do students have enough time to complete the curriculum effectively?


Some students believe that the cancellations will not have an overwhelming influence on our learning.

“I think it depends on the teacher and how well they distribute their time and lessons,” says junior Jessica Johnson. That definitely holds weight to the fact that students still have quite a ways to go and a lot to learn for the rest of the semester.

More people came to the conclusion that we may need more time including Emily Wilt who says, “Yeah, we definitely need more time.”