Calcutta Group Urges Action on Behalf of Homeless in Florida

The petition on

Last year, the city of Pensacola, FL passed a law that banned the use of newspaper, cardboard, or blankets to protect oneself from the cold. With temperatures reaching record lows in Florida, many asked the city council to change the law so the homeless in Pensacola would have a way to protect themselves from the cold. The council refused.

As a result, a petition began on calling for people to pressure the Pensacola City Council and Mayor Ashton Hayward to allow the homeless to use blankets for shelter against the weather.

Last week, CA’s Calcutta group caught wind of the law and jumped into action. After exchanging a few emails, the group has stepped up and called on CA to help stop Pensacola’s law. They call the student body to help in three ways:

  1. Sign the petition on

2. Email Pensacola’s mayor and city council to ask them to stop the law:
Write the mayor:
Ashton Hayward: [email protected]

Write the council:
Jewel Cannada-Wynn: [email protected]
Megan B. Pratt: [email protected]
P. C. Wu: [email protected]
Sherri F. Myers: [email protected]
Andy Terharr: [email protected]
Larry B. Johnson: [email protected]
Gerald Wingate: [email protected]
Brian Spencer: [email protected]
Charles Bare: [email protected]

3. Call the mayor and the council members:
Ashton Hayward: (850) 435-1626
Jewel Cannada-Wynn: (850) 346-7264
Megan B. Pratt: (850) 434-6138
P. C. Wu: (850) 477-5279
Sherri F. Myers: (850) 484-0902
Andy Terharr: (850) 393-6014
Larry B Johnson: (850) 435-1609
Gerald Wingate: (850) 607-0185
Brian Spencer: (850) 712-2612
Charles Bare: (850) 375-0051

The Calcutta group hopes the student body will step up and make a difference.