Students to Attend Chattanooga Coalition Against Human Trafficking Meeting


Three Collegedale Academy students will be joining former English teacher Mrs. Litchfield and religion teacher Mr. Sherwood to attend a meeting of the Chattanooga Coalition Against a Human Trafficking. This meeting will be hosted by the Second Life of Chattanooga organization on Thursday, February 6th.

According to the CCAHT’s website, the purpose of the meeting is to define the Coalition’s ambitions, share the different organizations that compose the coalition, and plan for 2014 by describing the Coalition’s necessities and opportunities.

This follows an eye-opening chapel presentation on the pervasiveness of human trafficking in the United States.

“After hearing of the horrific actuality of human trafficking here, I want nothing more than to be a part of eradicating this practice in my backyard,” says senior Joëlle Kanyana, who will be one of the three students attending the meeting.

“Now that I am more aware of these issues, I’m hoping that this meeting will take things a step further by helping me understand how change can actually happen in Chattanooga,” Kanyana says.