Spiritual Leaders Aim for Change


Senior Andrew Suekert (with flag) runs with his Prayer Conference group

Two weeks ago, around 50 CA students traveled to Camp Kulaqua to attend Prayer Conference (PC). At PC, students were divided into small family groups led by two student leaders. During their time together, the students in each group bonded and became close friends.

“During [our last time] together, I realized that I had never felt closer to any group of people I had known for 48 hours than to my family group at PC,” senior Andrew Suekert said.

On their way home from PC, Suekert and other students discussed what would happen if an atmosphere like that of PC could be recreated at CA.

They decided to give it a try.

So on Friday, January 31, Suekert sent out an email to all the spiritual leaders in the school calling for a meeting the following Monday to brainstorm and discuss what they could do to enhance the spiritual atmosphere at CA.

So on just after 3:15 p.m. on Monday, February 3, student spiritual leaders met in CA’s chapel to discuss their plans for this semester.

“Why do these emotions, these feelings, and this presence of family seem so distant from Collegedale Academy? Is it because of the hectic schedules, the accumulating homework, and common sleep deprivation? Is it the student body in general? The generous helping of apathy and ignorance we have here that keeps us from connecting and becoming a family?” were a few of the many questions discussed during Monday’s meeting.

They already have plans to challenge other students and each other to find prayer partners, and they hope to do a leadership training event with Ryan Becker–the leader at PC.

The students who went on PC hope that these two, small ideas will get their peers thinking about the changes they want to make at CA.

“We won’t be telling you what to do, but will be offering suggestions, taking advice, and opening the doors of opportunity to see where God wants to lead us in growing as a school family,” Suekert told his fellow classmates.

A few students have already begun to plan how they can contribute to improving the school’s atmosphere.

“We feel like out attitude needs to change. We need school spirit. The people with apathetic feelings are the people who don’t want to be here,” said senior Sydney Sinclair.

Some may doubt the success of such a project, but a little criticism will not stop these students.

“This may seem cheesy to some, others may be speculating as to whether true change is possible with our rag-tag group of students at CA, all being so different and diverse, but we believe in this: there is greater chance of success and change when change is being successfully attempted,” Suekert said.