1962: Missile Crisis in Cuba

Andrew De La Cruz, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

It is so hot outside and all I can hear around me is crying babies. The line is so long as us Cubans stand in line for government food. We stand in a line like this once a week every week. Since my mom has to take care of my younger...

Hear My Cry

Grace Scoggins, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

As my eyes fluttered open, hundreds of miles of barbed wire stretched across the hazy horizon that lay before me. Thousands of bodies surrounded it; thin, frail bodies shoveling dirt while Nazi soldiers watched with amusement....

Sabotage of the USS Maine

Kellen Erskine, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

On February 15, 1898, an explosion occurred on the USS Maine. Two hundred and sixty of the four hundred sailors on board died. Ninety-one survived, only sixteen of those were not injured at all. One of the people on board at the t...

Space Shuttle Challenger

Emrik Milis, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

He’s gone now, just like that. One moment everything seemed fine, and the next, my heart tore into pieces. He should not have replaced me, but he did, and I stand here, alive and well, because of his bravery and willingness ...

An Untimely Escape

Carolina Smith, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

The sun rays seemed to burn with extra intensity as I hurried home with bags of groceries in my hand. The shouts and commotion of the street encouraged me to walk faster and faster until I almost sprinted toward home and my waiting...

I Survived Auschwitz

Jonny Klingbeil, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

All of a sudden, I was woken by a loud knock on the front door. Drearily, as I slowly came to reality, I heard loud voices yelling downstairs, “Everybody downstairs now, double time!” As I slowly made my way down the stairs,...

USS Scorpion (SSN-589)

Jessica Sinclair, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

With 109 unfulfilled repair orders and only a fraction of money spent on the USS Scorpion, I knew immediately when I heard the intense echoing noise coming from the hull near her stern that these moments would be my last. I just w...

Who Do I Honor?

Diana Tanksley, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

APRIL 16, 1871, MID AFTERNOON COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO TERRITORY “William, I don’t know how much longer our tribe can survive here. This continual diminution of buffalo continues to destroy our tribe.” As I said ...

Swept Away

Connor Dickinson, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

August 27, 2005: it was a rainy and gloomy monday morning in New Orleans. When I woke up, I immediately ran to the kitchen to grab the hot beignets waiting for me on the stove top. As I scarfed down the delicious pastries, I looked over to my brother, Jamal, and as I proceeded to make a face...


Jordyn McLean, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

           No! Mama, no! Don’t leave me, Papa! Please! Ruth! Suzanne! Noooo! These memories cloud my thoughts every night before I go to sleep. At seven years old, my family was stripped from my life in the blink of a...

Triangle Factory Fire

Lauren Caldwell, Guest Writer

April 23, 2019

“Fire! Fire!” Screamed a coworker across the room. I frantically looked around and my eyes landed on smoke creeping through the crevice under the door. As the whole room broke into a frenzy, my instincts moved my hand to g...

Enemy in Our Midst

Micah Hansen, Guest Writer

April 23, 2019

“Landing Zone X-Ray is coming up! Get ready men! This is going to be one fight to remember!” The company officer’s voice roared above the thumping of the helicopter rotor. Barry waved his hand, and I glanced over at him. His...

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