Kevin Zapata, Guest Writer

April 29, 2019

September 19, 1862: Gettysburg Pennsylvania. I, Henry Hayes, a 17 year old young adult farmer growing potatoes on the field, and not looking forward to my birthday. *** October 9, 1862: I’m now an adult and eligible for...

Robbed of Chance

Laini Shabo, Guest Writer

April 29, 2019

Hi, It’s me, Mary Beckinsale, and If I seem old to you, that’s because I am. A strikingly handsome man named Todd Henley: in whom I first truly adored… he taught me how to love. He is the one I wish to tell you about today....

Working at the White House

Audrey Lane, Guest Writer

April 29, 2019

A blanket of silence lied over the White House. The silence seemed almost unnatural, as the House usually bustled with activity, especially on Wednesdays. In all honesty, I enjoyed the lack of work. Not to say I didn’t like my ...

It All Came Tumbling Down

Angie Vasquez, Guest Writer

April 29, 2019

It seemed no more people were coming down or up. The Fire had become more intense and the smoke had become thicker making it harder to breath. I have to get out of here for my mother and sister, I just hope Lucile got out in ...

Children of the Dust

Bailey Reams, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

“Ewwww! Look at her eyes, they’re so round and blue... and her skin is so fair she’d probably burn up under the sun.” I slid through the mocking crowd and slumped below the garbage cans, hanging my head between my knees...

Boston Marathon

James Sherard, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

“Do you really think we will qualify?” “Of course we will, we run marathons all the time!” Arthur replied excitedly. We had just submitted our entries a few days ago, and I couldn’t help but doubt my friend. “Yeah...

Un-Segregated But Still Apart

Danielle Williams, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

Why did this happen.....we should not get treated this way.Why do the police treat us this way? I want to live like a white woman? All these thoughts race through my head as I sit in the pews of First Baptist Saints Church at my da...

No Sacrifice, No Victory

Nathan Dickerhoff, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

Waking up here has always been the hardest. The island breezes and the sound of the ocean make you want to curl up and sleep in. However, this morning something perturbs me. What was different? The sun shines. The breeze swirl...

175: A Story From the Only Undocumented Passenger Onboard Flight 175

Braden Knapp, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

My legs trembled beneath me as I dashed through the crowded airport, hurdled over chairs, weaved in and out between the wave of people. I ran so fast, but to my surprise, security had not chased me. Nobody seemed to mind the boy...

Suicide Missions

Connor Ford, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

Nobody could describe the tragedies they had witnessed. Right before their eyes, their loved ones were gone— all that remained was a memory. Bodies were cut in half, sliced open, and laid on the ground as if they were dead animals....

The Death Heard Around the Country

Madden Baldwin, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

“Tickets please.” Clay and I, Tate Heck, handed our tickets to the Ticketmaster, eagerly waiting to see the famous play “Our American Cousin”, inside the famous, Fords Theater. “Hey, Clay, I’m gonna go drink some whiskey really quick across the road at Stars Saloon. Wanna join me?” I asked. “Nah. I’m alright. You better hurry though, the play is about to start, and President Lincoln has arrived!” respon...

Victory of Death

Michael Scribner, Guest Writer

April 28, 2019

Dead silence accompanies the darkness. I hear a faint voice telling me I cannot go on, while another voice lingers for hope. The silent cacophony depletes my remaining morsels of happiness. In a moment of peace, a ghastly and...

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