A Vivid Dream

Amund Fleming, guest writer

April 27, 2016

  As I step out of my green tent, the hint of hot temperature teases the cool fresh morning air. "Philips!" my platoon leader yelled across the camp. I shuffle across the dirt road over to the tent as fast as I could...

Let the Show go . . . all Over the Place or Something

Amber Litviak, guest writer

April 27, 2016

January 24, 1946 My name is Anna Karen Sylvester, and today I'm turning nineteen years old. I get a lot of my physical traits from my mom, like my wavy, blonde hair and my emerald, green eyes, or so I was told. I don't remember...

The Roaring Start

Alexa Birch, guest writer

April 27, 2016

Prologue             Five year-old Ella twirled around the spacious kitchen in their suburban home on Staton Island while her mother joyfully hummed a tune asshe cooked beef stew for supper. Ella giggled and dan...

1965: A Year of Change

Abby Hansen, guest writer

April 27, 2016

“Happy New Year!” the room echoes with clinking glasses, laughing voices, and toasts to a prosperous year. I hit my glass against Lisa’s, and we laugh as her little brother literally holds his eyes open. “Did you see...

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