6th-annual Sandy Erickson Race raises nearly $40,000

Megan Marquez, writer

On Sunday, November 5, the 6th annual Sandy Erickson Race for Christian Education brought smiling faces to Collegedale.

The race began to honor Mrs. Erickson who taught at Spalding for many years. CA’s current junior class was the last class to be taught by Mrs. Erickson. Both Mrs. Erickson’s husband and her mother attend the race every year and enjoy the festivities.

This year the race was combined with CA’s Fall Festival. This fun combination created even more buzz than usual. People would buy tickets then go to the surrounding booths spending their tickets to play games and get food. Organizations and classes would run the booths as fundraisers.

Race Director Marilee Silverstein comments on the ability to help students in need, “I see the need is so great. There are so many students who need help who truly want to be here and it would be so heart breaking to turn students away just because of finances. Raising this extra money can help even just one or two more students is amazing because it’s life changing for them.”

This year, the race made $37,448 toward the worthy student fund.