The spark to start the blaze: CA Student Week of Prayer


Devin Vaudreuil, writer


Between my freshman year and now, the spirituality of Collegedale Academy has skyrocketed. When I first came, there wasn’t really a spiritual atmosphere, or at least one that was tangible. But over the years I’ve witnessed the Holy Spirit building the ‘tinder pile’ so to speak, subtly changing things and people to set up for a revival; this Week of Prayer was the lit match to that bonfire.

The week of April 11 began with Sophomore Amariah White speaking about faith, trusting God to take care of us, and trusting His will.

Tuesday, I spoke about the depth and magnitude of Christ’s death for us and how we take it for granted—saying sorry and asking for forgiveness even though we don’t mean it in our hearts.

Wednesday, Senior Jania Smith talked about love and how love is really the only thing that matters in this life. Without it, we are nothing.

Thursday, Junior Josiah Madrigal spoke about what was wrong with the church and how we as the youth of our church need to change what we view as problems in the chuch.

To wrap up the week, Sophomore Morgan Nash, Senior Allie Johnson, and Junior Nena Madrigal spoke about being the light on the hill, being witnesses, and being the salt of the earth – essentially how to keep our spiritual saltiness fresh.

I truly believe that Christ is moving, and moving rapidly. He’s changing people, roaring through our school like a wildfire, and this idea – this thought – sends chills through my body. Knowing that we are the Fire is a wonderful thought indeed.

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